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Hail Fire Restoration has coupled iOS based iCat Content Management software with our team of dedicated professional and knowledgeable staff, to provide the most economical, efficient, and effective contents solution to both the Insured and Carrier.

Contents Cleaning


Hail Fire Restoration has a dedicated facility to content cleaning and restoration. It is broken into sections: Incoming (Dirty), Processing (Cleaning), and Storage (Clean). This differs from others in the area and their facility: theirs is one open air warehouse space sharing dirty, clean as well as tools equipment and trucks.

Content Management

Hail Fire utilizes iCat Management software. iCat is an iOS, cloud based program that photographs, itemizes, labels, describes, bar codes and tracks the insureds contents in real time. No more pencil and paper.


Hail Fire has invested in Ultrasonics cleaning system, as well as drying and ozone systems for cleaning- well, just about anything. From delicates and valuables, to electronics, tools and even car parts. We even built a large Ozone and Drying Room for larger items. Check out projects page for a variety of before and after photos

Furniture Repair and Restoration

Furniture is a large cost item. Dining and bedroom sets can cost thousands of dollars. So often these are abandoned and replaced simply due to the lack of knowledge that these CAN be repaired. HFR also has repaired furniture previously considered “non-salvageable” – from bedroom sets to vinyl kitchen benches.

Non-Salvageable Inventory and Pricing

Save Money

Carriers using HFR benefit by receiving fast, usable information to help settle the claim. Using our non-salvageable pricing software, the Carrier receives reliable, consistent, information- faster and more cost effective than those “boutique” contents valuation firms.

Accurate Information

The iSalvage system is a real-time, web-crawling system of product information, with unlimited product SKUS. HailFire' contents valuation delivers the essential combination of technology and professional skills to deliver accurate settlements. Our valuation team is armed with the tools to get the job done right – the first time.

Save Time

HFR eliminates the time-consuming task of contents valuation, allowing your claim adjusters to focus on the key issues of claim processing. Insureds are benefited by not having to spend hours upon hours filling out extensive spreadsheets.

Customer Satisfaction

Insureds are not invited to the process with the boutique firms, and feel their voice is not heard. HFR invites the insured to participate in the pricing of the lost items, letting their voice to be heard. When insureds are happy, Carriers are happy.

Fast Turnaround Time

You can be assured of fast turnaround time. No more waiting weeks or months for non-salvageable pricing. HFR is faster and more accurate while providing superior customer service.

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“Great experience from start to finish. Everyone that I dealt with was friendly and professional. Reliable and reasonable. I highly recommend them.”

Charlotte Schardt - July 12, 2017
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